Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life concert with Lisa Brune & Gins Allen at T.R.A.C.S 2

Finally, after weeks that we looked forward to it and I in stress if everything would go well, we had our third concert in the club. This time the concert was not in the Event Hall, but in the club itself where I made a small stage. We had 74 guest and for the period of a time 54 people on the sim. Later, when I did read the list of the people, I saw that there where much friends that I forgot to great. I apologize for that. Gladly Miss Lauren Thespian did greet the guest when they arrived. I just wonder how she did that.
Tim started with the best French chansons and slowly the people dropped in. 
Rod was one of the first guests. I think he slept there not to miss a thing.
OneSummer Oh (a other SL artist) was one of the first guests.
Bernard was early to. The dance floor was full shortly Lisa Brune started to sing.
What can I say about Lisa? You all know that I am a big fan of her.
 After Lisa did her performance, Gins Allen sung a great mix of songs.
I had a great time. Thanks to Lisa, Gins, Jacky, Popov, Lauren and all the friends and guest. My special thanks go to Tim and Rod for there love and support.

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