Friday, August 16, 2019

Rebuilding River Island part II

One day I made the decision that the two cities had to become ONE and that I had to remove the old city and make a new one. There is second reason why I wanted to rebuild the city. I will tell you that in the next post.

It was not easy to destroy something what I had build. But some buildings are old and made with prims and there are even some slow rezzing sculpty parts. My idea was to make snapshots of all parts the old city. I think for my own memories. If you never been there you would not miss it.
The entrance of the old city at night. 
And at day light.
The shoe shop.
Stairs to the barber shop.
I love that guitar playing guy. He will return in the new city.
The Tailor
The Cheese Shop
Some criminals rented the place above the cheese shop.
The Police Station
Sushi stand
Photographer Shop
This last picture shows how much trouble I got to place items in and keep it accessible and look as in real
                                                          All these parts are been removed!
to be continued

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We Built this City - Starship

Rebuilding River Island part 1

 When we moved to River Island  I placed the club at the corner of the sim and build a city around it. Over the course of time I made changes and placed new buildings. New parts had to fit and I did my best to get them in the space that was left.
When RIPA asked us to build there theater on River Island I was honored and build a platform for the theater and started to build club T.R.A.C.S there also and other buildings. On the sim I removed the old club and on the open space I pushed in some new builds but because of the small area it was always a struggle to squeeze parts in it.
 When RIPA left we had two cities. One in the air and one on the ground of the sim. I placed a big building were the theater stood and went on with the scenery there and neglected the ground part.
           ▲ A older snapshot of the base of the sim. The city is bottom left.  
           ▲ The city.
           ▲ This is the city in the air.
           ▲ Club T.R.A.C.S on Timothy Plaza
           ▲ This is te big building I mentioned. It is made by [AC] Aethis Creations
           ▲At the top of this building a part of it has no roof and there I build a water and a cactus garden.
                    I love how I decorated that part.

           ▲▼ I forgot to mention a second platform in the air. It is a dome that was intended to be a landing zone                        were you could teleport to other parts on the sim. It was never used and been cleaned up.

to be continued

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Cretaceous Period Themed Topic Event

Deepert build the place for this event. DJ Tim and DJ Zee played there tunes in this 4 hours event. As always they both made a great set in theme. The Trivia about literacy was not easy but we had some literate visitors.
It was also not easy to make good snapshots of dancing dinosaurs so most I could not use for this post. I think these are the best.