Friday, November 22, 2019

Stormzy - OWN IT (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)

You love the sick vibe, I wanted more than one
Up to nothing, nobody knew where I was comin' from
But we got the same mind, so I don't wanna waste time
Bring it to me, come by, that's what I need
That's right, kissin' your cheek, one time

Friday, August 23, 2019

Famous Women in History

Women have always played an important role in society and have greatly influenced history. Since ancient times women have been leaders of groups of people, maintained peace, inspired wars, made discoveries and changed the lives of others. To come up with a comprehensive list of all women that have shaped our world would be impossible, but here are some great names that should not be forgotten:
Cleopatra – A great leader who served as the last active pharaoh of Egypt.
Boudicca – As inspirational Briton leader who led several tribes in a revolution against the Romans.
Joan of Arc – She became France’s patron saint after leading France to victory at a young age of only 17.
Queen Isabella of Spain  Patron to Christopher Columbus, her influence made his discovery of America possible.
Marie Curie – Discovered radioactivity and radium. She was the first woman to have won a Nobel Prize
Anne Frank – Hardly a woman yet, this young writer became the world’s most famous victim of the Holocaust. Her diary left one of the most complete accounts of what life was like for the Jews while hiding from the Germans.
Susan B. Anthony – The first woman to attempt to vote in the U.S. who was arrested for fighting for this right.
Mother Theresa – A global icon for helping the poor. Her Missionary of Charities organization helped thousands of people in Calcutta who were sick and dying.
Rosa Parks – Her refusal to give up a bus seat sparked protests in that finally led to the abolishment of racial segregation in America.


Snapshots made during the party. With DJ CAT as our deejay.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Rebuilding River Island part II

One day I made the decision that the two cities had to become ONE and that I had to remove the old city and make a new one. There is second reason why I wanted to rebuild the city. I will tell you that in the next post.

It was not easy to destroy something what I had build. But some buildings are old and made with prims and there are even some slow rezzing sculpty parts. My idea was to make snapshots of all parts the old city. I think for my own memories. If you never been there you would not miss it.
The entrance of the old city at night. 
And at day light.
The shoe shop.
Stairs to the barber shop.
I love that guitar playing guy. He will return in the new city.
The Tailor
The Cheese Shop
Some criminals rented the place above the cheese shop.
The Police Station
Sushi stand
Photographer Shop
This last picture shows how much trouble I got to place items in and keep it accessible and look as in real
                                                          All these parts are been removed!
to be continued