Sunday, August 22, 2010

To shave or not to shave, that's the question.

I like shaved bodies and I like my smooth second live skin.
Many guys maybe ask themselves, Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal?
Yes! The fact is that men just don’t talk about it. There are many men who are starting to shave their pubic hair for many reasons.
Back in the day pubic hair was untouched and it was normal to just be hairy. However times have changed, just like hairstyles. Today it is normal for the modern man to shave.
At Nightcharm there was an old post: The top 10-things we-hate about-porn-films

On place nine there is written:
9. Spare us the Shaved Man-Pussies
Shaving is for pussies — literally. Listen up, you princes of porn, you big- balled sultans of swing. The only part of you that should be shaved is your  head — so that it more resembles a dick. You — no matter what you may feel deep down when men shower you with gifts and call you a movie star  — are not a woman. If you were, a trimmed quim might be cool. Female genitals are hidden inside the body so it makes sense to clear away the brush.

But dig it, you’re a meat puppet, Jocko. It’s already hanging out there, ready to go. Bald pubic areas look awful. They infantilize and neuter a guy. It may be next to godliness, but when it comes to sex, there’s such a thing as being way too clean!

But when reading the comments, it seems that not everybody did agree.

  • I disagree with that comment of shaved genitals. I think it’s a turn on to see smooth and sexy men.
  • I disagree with your views of men shaving their bodies. I have a major shaving fetish and love the look and feel of myself and other men having totally smooth bodies. It has nothing to do with infantilism at all. How many youngsters do you know of that have pecs, six packs and hard cocks? The pic you posted looks nothing at all like anyone other than a hot 20 to 30 year old with no hair. It would never be mistaken for anything younger. So what’s the problem? It’s all personal preference. I do also like a nice hairy bear type as well. One does not always have to have the same flavour of ice cream.
  • Hair? no Hair? doesn’t bother me. But I don’t like ubber hairy. I think that a man who trims or shaves all of his body hair and genital hair is sexy because, to me, and this is what it means only to me, is that the man who trims or shaves has taken the time to groom himself. It shows that he takes pride in his over all appearance. That is not to say that uber hairy men dont but it means that if a man takes the time to shine his shoes and iron and press those slacks and shirts and has taken time to groom his body hair has some pride in himself.
  • Now days we see younger men that don’t give a damn how they look. Hair looks like it hasn’t been washed, clothes are tattered and torn and most of the time hanging off their butts so everybody can see their underwear. Major turn off.
  • Shaving is for pussies – no way! Smooth, toned, shaved guys will always be the best turn on. Working your tongue slowly across their smooth toned bodies from mouth to cock delights the senses every time. Who wants a mouthful of pubic hair when your gagging for that mouthful?
So there are guys that like and some unlike shaved guys. In real life Gillette has some shaving tips on how to best shave your groin and other parts of your body.

Gillette’s easy to follow “how to” videos will give you a step-by step guide to grooming your body. So whether you’re looking to save money by skipping the barber or you’re going for a more intimate kind of shave, we’ll help you look and feel your best from head to toe.
The whole idea to publish a post about shaving private parts came when I saw this picture.

Not forget to watch this video till the end.


damian99 said...

Hey Christo, nice blog you have! I am a 100% fan of been shaved and smooth. Glad I was not the only one.
Take care,

Christo's Second Live said...

hello Ed, great that you like the blog and great to know that I not the only one to. ~smiles~

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl, and almost without exception, if I am getting into a serious relationship with someone I will always ask them if they would mind shaving

Christo's Second Live said...

~smiles widely~
thank you Emily

Anonymous said...

I am a straight guy 38 and have been shaving since my early 20's. I love the look feel and thought of it and so does my wife. She also loves how it feels on her skin. I have recently had IPL done and the results are fantastic, with only occasional maintenance required, yay to no longer shaving. I say be bald.

Rockit Reports said...

Interesting question and one that seems to be asked a lot. I appreciate the time and effort put into this thought provoking post on pubes, even if I came to different conclusions on my own blog (with the assistance of a medical doctor who argues "the war on pubic hair must end").