Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heavenly Angels Party at T.R.A.C.S

Saturday March 3rd 2012 Noon SLT

Infamous Riddler
I love to dj because I was a real life dj back in the 80's for over 10 year. I also did some dj ing in 1995 to 1997 in rl
I love to bring in all original songs, umm... I have no bootleg downloads - everything I use comes from purchased mp3s, CDs or Vinyl. I have over 15 million songs to pull from
My motto: Have fun and Joy!! and have Respect to others!!
If you want to be a friend then realize that friendship goes both ways. I am a DJ in sl you can find my group in the seach or in my groups!! Please don't be my friend just for pixel sex, that is not what I want friends for.


Esme Capelo
"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. 
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy."
Max Ehrmann c.1920
I enjoy listening to the music and making friends and I love to dance!!!!
Not looking for romance or sex, just good conversation and friends.
"We are all travellers in the wilderness of the world, and the best that we can find in our travels is an honest friend."  
Robert Louis Stevenson
It's all about having fun.

Infa will play mostly TRANCE music.
Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s. It is characterized by a tempo of between 125 and 150 beats per minute. It is a combination of many forms of sound such as techno, house, industrial, new age, pop, chill-out, ambient, electronic art music, classical music and film music. The origin of the term is uncertain; one theory suggests that the term is derived from the Klaus Schulze album Trancefer (1981) or the early trance act Dance 2 Trance. Other schools of thought argue the name may refer to an induced emotional feeling, high, euphoria, chills, or uplifting rush listeners claim to experience, while other suggestions trace the name to the actual trance-like states the earliest forms of the music attempted to emulate in the 1990s before the genre's focus changed.
Source WikiPedia

Free Companionship

A few days ago my SL niece Kaprifol sends me an invitation of the celebration of her Free Companionship. It would be part of a role play.

"There is no marriage, as we know it, on Gor, but there is the institution of the Free Companionship, which is its nearest correspondent."

It was a long ago that I was on Gorean land. Gladly Levi was there to.
After the wedding the slaves served drinks and I discovered that there was not much left of my knowledge about Gor and of my poor RP skills.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Streetdance Party at SweetGrass

Yesterday in Sweetgrass.

The guests hit some asphalt for the biggest Dance Party ever.
Aitalas did a great job with decorating the club.

Some of the pictures I made during the party.
More pictures (till the next week) on:
 Racker and Fiorino
Bernard, Curtis, Norbie, Aita and in the back Frankie
 Dillon, Bernard and DavidMike
 Tim played a great set.
 Tim and I
 Aita and Ellbee
 Curtis and Norbie. In the back David and Richard
Mika, Dillon, DavidMike and Bernard
Picture of the winners made by Ganymede

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday at T.R.A.C.S

Much Deathstars, Imperial Destroyers, and X-Wings were parked at the designated areas outside the club. DJ Darth Tim did rock the Galaxy.

 Me as Yoda "You must unlearn what you have learned."
 Gany and Ellbee "Excuse me sir, but that R2-D2 is in prime condition, a real bargain"
Darth Vader DJ Tim "You don't know the power of the dark side!"
 Aita "I'm C3PO human cyborg relantionship and this is my counterpart R2-D2"
 Norbie as Luke Skywalker "I can't get involved. I've got work to do. It's not that I like the Empire; I hate it. But there's nothing I can do about it right now... 
It's all such a long way from here."
 Ellbee as C3PO "Die Jedi Dogs! Oh what did I say?"
 Fio as Han Solo "I use them for smuggling. I never thought I'd be smuggling myself in them. This is ridiculous."
 Curtis could not keep his fingers from the Dance ball for Tinies
 Gany "I saw - I saw a city in the clouds."
"May the Force be with you."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Night at Open Minds

Yesterday at Open Minds Dance Club
We all know where the weekend starts! And this Friday at Open Minds, we're having a very special Movie Night! Actors, Hollywood movie stars, and even movie characters are expected, so put on your best outfits, get your friends and join us. DJ Bernard will rock the place with the best tunes ever, and we'll have the sploder and trivia ready for you. 
This is THE party you don't wanna miss ;-)
DJ Bernard
Bernard and Joel

Thursday, February 23, 2012


If you not already know, I'm a fan of Lisa Brune!
Battez-Vous is song that was totally new for me when I hear it, sung by Lisa, for the first time. After a few times, the song kept popup in my mind, especially that last line: Hey, maintenant battez-vous".
Original the song is sung by Brigitte.

Brigitte is a French folk musical duo formed in 2008 by Sylvie Hoarau (the brunette), Aurélie Maggiori (the blonde), and B. Samuel Mounier (the lyricist). Their 2011 debut full-length album Et vous, tu m'aimes?, went gold in France. It is sold through both French and the U.S. iTunes Store. Their name is a take on famous Brigittes of yore, such as Brigitte Bardot; in an interview, one of them said:
Brigitte, c'est rétro, notre style, c'est les années 50, c'est français, c'est Brigitte Bardot, c'est Brigitte Lahaye, c'est la tante qui cuisine, c'est la femme du cousin. Brigitte, c'est la femme au pluriel.
 (Brigitte is retro, our style it's the 50s, it's french, it's Brigitte Bardot, it's Brigitte Lahaye, the aunt that cooks, the housewife. Brigitte is the woman in plural.)

Faites-vous la guerre pour me faire la cour
Maintenant battez-vous
Soyez gangsters, soyez voyous
Maintenant battez-vous
Toi mon tout, mon loubard
Tu serais mon lascar superstar

J’ai tellement besoin d’amour
De tes bras, de ta voix de velours

Sortez les dollars et les bijoux
Mettez-vous à genoux
Dans la Jaguar, dans la gadoue
Mettez-vous à genoux
Toi mon tout, mon loubard
Tu serais mon lascar superstar

J’ai tellement besoin d’amour
De tes bras, de ta voix de velours
J’ai tellement besoin d’amour
Tu ferais de moi ta belle de jour

Je rêve d’un king de kidnapping
De quitter mon pauvre living
Je veux du swing et du bling bling
Et que le meilleur gagne sur le ring
Toi mon tout, mon loubard
Tu serais mon lascar superstar
Moi j'ai si peur dans le noir

J’ai tellement besoin d’amour
De tes bras, de ta voix de velours
J’ai tellement besoin d’amour
Tu ferais de moi ta belle de jour
J’ai tellement besoin d’amour

Hey, maintenant battez-vous

My French is bad and the translation is not mine.
On WordReference.comLanguage Forums I found a discussion what would be the best translation of "Hey, maintenant battez-vous".
I think "Let's you and him fight" would be a good translation.
On Lisa's blog there is a video of Lisa @ Two Moon Paradise.
Lisa sings two songs on that video, Creep and the other is Battez-Vous.
I can only say, as Lisa on her blog: Thank you Shiran
Update from Shiran Sabra:
The video was shot by baxter hyun and Shiran Sabra is the owner of Two Moon Paradise.
you can switch off the background music by clicking the II button on the flashplayer at the the bottom of this page

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


**** Saturday February 25th Noon SLT (9PM CET) **** 
 ***** DJ Darth Tim *****
 ****** T.R.A.C.S ******

Star Wars is an epic science fantasy saga created by George Lucas. The first film in the series was originally released on May 25, 1977, under the title Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-year intervals. Sixteen years after the release of the trilogy's final film, the first in a new prequel trilogy of films was released. The three films were also released at three-year intervals, with the final film released on May 19, 2005.
In late September 2010, it was announced that "The Phantom Menace" would be theatrically re-released in 3-D on February 10, 2012. All six films would be re-released in order, with the 3-D conversion process taking at least a year to complete per film.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life's too short for the wrong job is a German online recruitment website, founded in 1999, and is now one of the leading Internet job markets in Germany.
The advertising campaign "Das Leben ist zu kurz für den falschen Job" (Life's too short for the wrong job) in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, won numerous international awards.
The agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin came up with the concept and slogan for the campaign “Life’s too short for the wrong job”. The concept of the advertising campaign was to introduce the idea that there are people behind these machines that are hard at work in cramped spaces.
Advertising video clip:
Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH