Sunday, February 5, 2012


We got the pomade in your hair and DJ Beef had made a great set of music from the 50s.
Sadly the party started slow and a lot of guests missed the great job Beef did, but he went on playing tunes till 3 pm SLT. When the club got crowded I forgot to make pictures. 
Here some I made.
Tim and I had a wonderful time.
Thank you Beef and thanks guests. 
Tim and I took a break, after decorating the club.
 Lexzia and Dj Beef
 Beef and TJ
It was great to see Elbee back, after the health problems he had.
 Norbie with a lot of hair.
Norbie, waiting to been served.
 The family Rhiano, Mika, Dillon and Bernard.
Dancing in front Fattik

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