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A few weeks my SL brother Myles Sperber asked us if we would like to have an invitation of a live performance of The Dramatiques Performance Troupe, the group where he is one of the performing artists. I did see the Troupe last year, and loved the show, so I wanted to see there new show.
 Not long after that Victoria Sugarplum send us the reservation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLUE NOTE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your reservations have been received and we thank you for your patronage.
Date: February 12th, 2012
Time: 1pm slt  - 2:00pm
Venue: The Dramatiques Jazz Club - The Crowne Royale
Attire: Classy formal (Vintage/Modern) - no ARC restrictions

Victoria Sugarplum is the co founder and head choreographer from The Dramatiques Performance Troupe. The Dramatiques Performance Troupe is a group founded by performing artists and enthusiasts who have come together to take performance to another level in Second Life!

The side is under construction but you can have a look.

The Dramatiques presents "BLUE NOTE". Join us for an exciting vintage-themed evening of upbeat jazz to celebrate the New Year. Look forward to thrilling live performances, unforgettable routines, music from the Broadway musical CHICAGO, comedy, lights and much more!

About the musical Chicago
Murderesses Velma Kelly (a chanteuse and tease who killed her husband and sister after finding them in bed together) and Roxie Hart (who killed her boyfriend when she discovered he wasn't going to make her a star) find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago.

Chicago is a musical set in Prohibition-era Chicago. The music is by John Kander with lyrics by Fred Ebb and a book by Ebb and Bob Fosse. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the "celebrity criminal". The musical Chicago is based on a play 1926 of the same name by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins, who was assigned to cover the 1924 trials of murderesses Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner for the Chicago Tribune.

Annan, the model for the character of Roxie Hart, was 23 when she was accused of the April 3, 1924, murder of Harry Kalstedt. The Tribune reported that Annan played the foxtrot record "Hula Lou" over and over for two hours before calling her husband to say she killed a man who "tried to make love to her". She was found "not guilty" on May 25, 1924. Velma is based on Gaertner, who was a cabaret singer. The body of Walter Law was discovered slumped over the steering wheel of Gaertner's abandoned car on March 12, 1924. Two police officers testified that they had seen a woman getting into the car and shortly thereafter heard gunshots. A bottle of gin and an automatic pistol were found on the floor of the car. Gaertner was acquitted on June 6, 1924. Lawyers William Scott Stewart and W. W. O'Brien were models for a composite character in Chicago, "Billy Flynn."

My favorite quote from Chicago is from the song "Cell Block Tango" where one of the murderesses named June tells:
"I'm standin' in the kitchen, carving up a chicken for dinner, minding my own business, when in storms my husband, Wilbur, in a jealous rage. "You've been screwing the milkman," he said. He was crazy, and he kept on screaming, "You've been screwing the milkman." And then he ran into my knife... he ran into my knife ten times."

On the reservation was written:
Attire: Classy formal (Vintage/Modern) - no ARC restrictions.
Now what is classy formal? We had no idea but than I saw this at Utopia:
So we went to the shop and I closed my eyes when I bought it. (Yes, it was not the regular price I normally pay for my clothes.) Tim got another set, also at Utopia, to. It took me some time to get it fit well. But at the end I was ready to go and hoping this was Classy formal enough.
When we arrived we could take a seat not far from the stage.
The Crowne Royale looked great. 
Although not all the chairs in the club were occupied there were 58 people on the sim.
The announcement
The lights went out.
The first act.

Then Ichie Kamachi sung some great songs.
Her the url of her blog with also tracks of her album.
A interview:

I did remember that picture that was showing of Ichie.
Its a old post (Wednesday, October 15, 2008) on Rod's blog.

I was amazed about the changes of the light and the back ground and I loved the dancers and all the other wonderful effects
Than a other part of the musical.
And then the gran finale
After the show there was a short meeting with the Troup.
We had a wonderful time and we both looking forward to the next show.

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