Monday, January 31, 2011

Born free

Yesterday Jonh Barry died aged 77.
John Barry Prendergast, (3 November 1933 – 30 January 2011) was an Oscar winning English film score composer. He was best known for composing 11 James Bond soundtracks and was hugely influential on the 007 series' distinctive style.
In a career spanning almost 50 years, Barry received a number of awards for his work, including five Academy Awards; two for Born Free, and one each for The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves (which also won a Grammy Award).
The title song "Born Free" became a pop hit for pianist Roger Williams, for Matt Monro (who sang the song in the film), and for the soul version by the Hesitations. Andy Williams also covered the song, and released an album of the same name.
Born free
Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart

Live free and beauty surrounds you
The world still astounds you
Each time you look at a star

Stay free, where no walls divide you
You're free as the roaring tide
So there's no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
'cause you're born free
Stay free, where no walls divide you
You're free as the roaring tide
So there's no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
'cause you're born free

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the gay weekend clubs

Open Minds Dance Club


Sweetgrass Pool & Disco
Sunday Sportswear Party in Sweetgrass! You are a handsome sportsman with a irresistable attractive body? Full of energy to dance all night long? You have trained hard for it, so now it is the time to show up in the Sweetgrass Pool and Disco on Sunday January 30th from CET / . Let yourself go on the exciting tunes of DJ JRose, and join the L$ 1.000 contest for the most sexy sportswear!
We can’t wait to see you all!
Ganymede and the team

Sunday, January 23, 2011

80’s Party in Sweetgrass

Witness the fall of the Berlin Wall and get ready to play with Rubik’s Cube at
the awesome 80’s Party in Sweetgrass Pool & Disco,
tonight from 21:00-24:00 CET / 12 PM-3 PM PDT.

The craziest Eurodisco- and New Wave tubes, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and
many more will be on DJ Xon’s turntable.
The 1000 L$ Contest is for the best 80’s Outfit.
Norbie and the team

Sneakers Party @ Open Minds

Some pictures of the party,

....and yes there was a trivia.
....and yes I not won one game!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sneakers Party @ Open Minds

As it did in 2010, the weekend still starts on Friday night at Open Minds

Get ready to dance all night, and wear your coolest sneakers for the occasion,
there will be 1000 on the board for the winners.
Bring your friends and come party with us Friday January 21st at 9 pm cet 12 slt!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Throwing a Surprise Party

Even though I did try to keep it a secret it is now on the street.
It was my real birthday January 12th.
They kept it very secret. Because we not had a party I came online later than usually.
So when I arrived most of the guest already left.
First thing what was send was Jenna's IM.

Guests they came, I have pictures for you Christo, love yoU
<3 Jenna

After the party I saw the card she send and her message shortly after that.
I GOOFED It's really the 15th of January NOT the 16th! It's at the same time and day as the Tracs party WAS at. MY BAD!!!!!!!!!
JennaRose Carfield

Some friends left a note and some send me a gift. Here are some of the note cards.

Goede avond Christo;
Congrats for your birthday. You're a year wiser I am sorry but
I am Best Man in Sinead's Wedding and I only can be in
your birthday party until 1:30 PM SLT .
My best wishes for you and enjoy the life :-)

Hey Christo:
Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Sorry I missed ya but had a wedding to attendo
so had to leave your party at 1:30 sl time. Hope you had a
great birthday and all your wishes come true.
Gay Galli

Today at Jenna's Blog Eclectic Self, I saw some pictures she made and what she wrote.

With everything that went on this last week both real life and second life it seemed for a moment it was just dark moments. But then I found out that it was Christo's birthday. >:D so I talked to Tim and Rod about throwing Christo a surprised party. I figured having it at the time the T.R.A.C.S party was usually going on would be ok. So I worked pretty hard on getting it all together. Tim and Rod did their part to make sure Christo would show up.
The guests began to arrive.
But where was the guest of honor? As I looked at my watch I notice how time was flying by. One hour...two hours...still no guest of honor. It seems we really did a good job of keeping the secret from Christo.
But then as the party was winding down and the guests began to leave. What does our eyes see? Why its the guest! The birthday boy! All sleepy eyed and not prepared for what he gets dropped into.

Thank you so very much my friends. I am so sorry I was late.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sonny Boy

Annajetske (Annejet) van der Zijl (Leeuwarden, 1962) is a Dutch journalist and writer.

She grew up in a teacher's family in Friesland. Initially she went to study art history, but she graduated in mass communication at the University of Amsterdam. In 1998 she followed a master study in London International Journalism. After a number of short courses in England and Netherlands, she was editor at the Dutch magazine, HP/De Tijd. She specialized in reconstructions and portraits of known and unknown people and groups that make up an eventful period of history, such as Dutch who moved to Paris in May 1968. She also wrote about crimes and political events, such as the "krakersrellen" on Queensday 1980.

Her first book about the "Gooise" country house Jagtlust-in the 1950s and 1960s. At the end of 1999 Van der Zijl dismissal at HP/The time to work on the biography of Annie M.G. Schmidt, stimulated by the son of the writer Flip van Duyn and her Publisher Ary Langbroek. Sonny Boy, about the "vanished life" of Waldemar Nods and Rika van der Lans, appeared in 2004. On 4 March 2010 they received his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam on a biography of Prince Bernhard. Her supervisor was Professor Hans Blom.

The dramatic lives of Waldemar Nods and Rika van der Lans has been translated into several languages and a feature film is being produced.

 On Wednesday at the cinema, the trailer for Sonny Boy, to the book of Annejet van der Zijl. This film runs from 27 January in the Dutch cinemas. In the twenties the young, from Suriname, Waldemar Nods arrives in the Netherlands where he meets the older Rika van der Lans and they fall in love. The contradictions would be almost not bigger: Waldemar black, Rika white, 17 years age different and in addition, Rika is mother of four children. But they love each other and than … Rika turns out to be pregnant. Rika and Waldemar choose each other despite the high price they paid. They get a son in 1929. They nicknamed him 'Sonny Boy', after the Al Jolson film and song that were released the year they met and fell in love.

Waldy Nods junior, 'Sonny Boy', recalls that other Dutch children called him 'krullebol' (curly head) and that his mother told him that people sometimes pinched his father's skin to see what it was like to touch a dark person. Sonny Boy himself was unaware of the differences between his parents.

"They just loved each other. I guess it was a scandal, but it didn't feel like that for me and also for them."Dramatic lives

They married and stayed together for 16 years, until fate caught up with them in the shape of the Second World War. Rika and Waldy's boarding house was a success, thanks in part to Rika's business acumen and determination to make things work. The same freedom of spirit and almost reckless resolve they showed in the face of society's disapproval of their relationship also sealed their fate under Nazi occupation. They hid Jews and resistance fighters in their pension, and in early 1944 they were arrested and never seen again.
We now know that Rika died at Ravensbrück concentration camp, probably in the gas chamber, a few weeks before the end of the war, and Waldemar was shot on a beach in the final hours of the Third Reich.

Waldy Nods junior, age 81

the gay weekend clubs

Friday January 14th 2011@ Open Minds Dance Club
Wild West @ Open Minds
Today we are back!

I have seen some guys with Stetsons and chaps around the club today.... let's join them tonight! Search for your Stetson, protect you expensive jeans with some nice chaps and come party @ Open Minds today.
1000 L is on the board for the sexiest cowboy/girl!!

Perhaps we'll add a round of trivia :-)

Party starts at 21h CET / Noon SLT
Music theme: pop & requests


Saturday January 15th 2011 at T.R.A.C.S.

Sunday January 16th 2011 Russian Party in Sweetgrass!

Back in the U.S.S.R.!
The Beatles already loved this long ago, and we also are going to enjoy good old Russia in the Sweetgrass Pool and Disco on Sunday January 16th from CET / . DJ Jamy’s music will trigger you to dance the kalinka, so come, dream and dance with your Soviet comrades! And join the L$ 1.000 contest for the sexiest Russian outfit!Ganymede and the team

Does Linden Lab listen?

"If Linden Lab is to regain its lustre, it will only be through the talent and dedication of the Residents who have made Second Life among the most remarkable and inspiring user-generated content platforms on the entire Internet."
Source: New World Notes