Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last week I wanted to write things about last year and publish pictures that I still had and never found a good reason to use them. But working at the club and the surrounding took more time than I had estimated. So here are my leftovers and updates.

The pictures:
The new words:
Places and buildings at Second Life:
Groningen with the snow.
The Groninger Museum reopening after revitalization.
After a renovation project which took over 8 months, the Groninger Museum will reopen its doors to the public on Sunday 19 December. The entire building has regained its original lustre and its colours have been fully restored. Several rooms have been thoroughly renovated by the top designers Maarten Baas, Studio Job and Jaime Hayon. They designed, respectively, the Mendini Restaurant, the Job Lounge and the Info Center, the ultramodern digital visitors’ information centre.Total cost of the operation: nearly 6 million Euros.
The new exposition at it:
Russia's Unknown Orient. Orientalist painting 1850-1920
Russia's Unknown Orient tells the story of Russia's (art-)historical bond with its southern neighbours: Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia and the Crimean peninsula. It was a bond that was characterized by a fascination for oriental traditions. The word 'Orientalism' has been in use since the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was a genre in painting which focused on themes such as the Middle East and North Africa.
Many topics are covered in this exhibition, including allegories, travel impressions, everyday life in the Russian Orient and the biblical East. The exhibition presents more than a hundred works by Vasili Vereshchagin, Martiros Sarian, Vasili Polenov, Niko Pirosmanashvili, Aleksandr Volkov, A. Nikolaev, Pavel Kuznetsov, Evgenii Lanseray and others.

The snowman and store window contest.
Where none of us, not even Levi, won.

About Gandalle aka little big man.
Aita wrote a very nice article about Gandalle. You can read it in the sweet courant at:
Some updates of Gandalle's builds in Sweet Grass.
My loves:
Me and Tim on the deck at the lake a few days before the end of 2010
Rod and me with Tooth's streetlight freebie.
Tim, Rod and me on the couch at home before Christmas
Cale as model with Rod's new jackets
Cale, winner at a party, in a new outfit he made.
Our beach house renter, Joe, also did some modeling.
New Year
New Year fire work at Christo Island.

Sunday Party in Sweet Grass
New Year's Party January 2nd
Gany made a great set you can find at:
The Play button is at the top left of the first picture.
The picture of the winners is, as always, made by Ganymede.

Next Party in Sweetgrass: Sunday January 9th
Ice Skating Party with DJ Bernard

This morning:
GRONINGEN-Because of the cloudy weather was the partial solar eclipse on most places in the province of Groningen difficult to observe. At sunrise around 8.48 hour was obscured the Sun for three quarters.

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