Sunday, January 16, 2011

Throwing a Surprise Party

Even though I did try to keep it a secret it is now on the street.
It was my real birthday January 12th.
They kept it very secret. Because we not had a party I came online later than usually.
So when I arrived most of the guest already left.
First thing what was send was Jenna's IM.

Guests they came, I have pictures for you Christo, love yoU
<3 Jenna

After the party I saw the card she send and her message shortly after that.
I GOOFED It's really the 15th of January NOT the 16th! It's at the same time and day as the Tracs party WAS at. MY BAD!!!!!!!!!
JennaRose Carfield

Some friends left a note and some send me a gift. Here are some of the note cards.

Goede avond Christo;
Congrats for your birthday. You're a year wiser I am sorry but
I am Best Man in Sinead's Wedding and I only can be in
your birthday party until 1:30 PM SLT .
My best wishes for you and enjoy the life :-)

Hey Christo:
Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Sorry I missed ya but had a wedding to attendo
so had to leave your party at 1:30 sl time. Hope you had a
great birthday and all your wishes come true.
Gay Galli

Today at Jenna's Blog Eclectic Self, I saw some pictures she made and what she wrote.

With everything that went on this last week both real life and second life it seemed for a moment it was just dark moments. But then I found out that it was Christo's birthday. >:D so I talked to Tim and Rod about throwing Christo a surprised party. I figured having it at the time the T.R.A.C.S party was usually going on would be ok. So I worked pretty hard on getting it all together. Tim and Rod did their part to make sure Christo would show up.
The guests began to arrive.
But where was the guest of honor? As I looked at my watch I notice how time was flying by. One hour...two hours...still no guest of honor. It seems we really did a good job of keeping the secret from Christo.
But then as the party was winding down and the guests began to leave. What does our eyes see? Why its the guest! The birthday boy! All sleepy eyed and not prepared for what he gets dropped into.

Thank you so very much my friends. I am so sorry I was late.

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