Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life's too short for the wrong job

Jobisintown.de is a German online recruitment website, founded in 1999, and is now one of the leading Internet job markets in Germany.
The advertising campaign "Das Leben ist zu kurz für den falschen Job" (Life's too short for the wrong job) in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, won numerous international awards.
The agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin came up with the concept and slogan for the campaign “Life’s too short for the wrong job”. The concept of the advertising campaign was to introduce the idea that there are people behind these machines that are hard at work in cramped spaces.
Advertising video clip: Jobsintown.de
Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH


Carl said...

Love these.

Christo Spyker said...

Yes they are funny, Carl. And the pictures fit perfect on the machines.

Nic said...

As a child, I was always absolutely convinced that there were lots of miniature people beavering away inside machines. This concept really appeals to me, and sometimes I still like to believe in it. It'd be nice to be able to sweet-talk the little men inside the ATM to give me some money even though there's nothing in my account. :)

Back in the real world, I think these ads are spot on. Life honestly is too short for the wrong job. These pictures have caught that "Please God, set me free!" expression to perfection. And, in the case of the guy on the cigarette machine, that "I'm dying to make a sarcastic comment but I know I'll get sacked" expression. I know that one well. :) There's no such thing as the perfect job but that doesn't mean that you should have to settled for a job that's going to make you profoundly miserable. The graduate jobs market is tough, and compromises are necessary, but "imperfect" is a very different thing from "wrong".

Christo Spyker said...

Well said, Nic. I agree with you. There is not the perfect job although some people say they have one. The agency did translate the German word "falsch" to "wrong". They word "unsuitable" could be a better translation. I know that a lot of people lost there job in the economic crisis that is going on in many countries and that they often not have much choice to get a job that fits. Let's hope that they see that it not means a thing, when you have a job and not have a life.