Sunday, March 18, 2012


It could be that is was Saint Patrick's Day or that it was the theme that the party started slow and that we had not much crowd. We were almost finished with the voting of the best in theme, when more people came to the club. Sadly they missed the great set Tim had made and the Bible Trivia we had. The question "What Noah's Ark was made of" had no good answer. Although send it as a p.s. in the notice, that it was Gopher wood. :-)
Some people said that it would maybe better to start our parties later on Saturday. But we will not do that. In the Netherlands nightlife starts rather late. Most clubs not open their doors before 11.30pm and the party not taking off until 1am
We keep it 21:00 CET (Noon SLT).
Some picture of yesterdays event.
Cardinal Aitalas
Altar server Norbie
Brother Tim the DJ
Brother Tuck and sister Christo
Brother Ellbee
Fiorino the leprechaun
Beef and Lexzia
Son the naughty leprechaun
The after party with Dillon and me and Son in the back

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