Sunday, March 11, 2012

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan commemorated

At the exact moment that Japan was hit by an earthquake last year, were the 19,000 victims Sunday with a minute's silence commemorated. Everything by the earthquake created a devastating tsunami, which devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant and a nuclear disaster caused. Around the disaster area and in capital Tokyo came people gathered for commemoration. The emperor took part in the ceremony in Tokyo, along with high-ranking politicians and 1,200 others. Emperor Akihito said that Japan will never forget ' tragedy ' and he stressed the importance of being together and help each other in tough times.  In the hard-hit areas in the northeastern part of the country were the ceremonies smaller. There were survivors of the violence of nature to the family and friends who they had lost. In Ishinomaki, where 4,000 people died, was not a moment of silence held but the sirens went off.

By an undersea earthquake with a force of 9.0 on the Richter scale was founded on 11 March 2011 a sometimes tens of meters high tidal wave. Especially the northeast coast of Japan was heavily hit.
The official death toll stands at almost 16,000 after one year. Anything less than 3,300 people are still missing. More than a million buildings have collapsed, washed away or damaged. The World Bank estimates that the disaster Japan converted 92 to 178 billion euro cost. The problems are greatest in the region of Fukushima, North of Tokyo. Since the tsunami engulfed a nuclear power station on the coast and came much radiation free. A large area is become unlivable.
Japan a Year After

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