Sunday, January 22, 2012

"that means you love each other!"

Lately Rod is collecting pictures of fail church signs.
They are funny and it seems they are a responds on all the hate about gays and gay marriage that can be found on the internet. I was first thinking to write an article about what the bible says about hate, that god hates sin and that people, that call them self real Christens, can walk around with boards with written on that "God hates Fags".
But I will not do that and neither will I start about the Mote and the Beam (also called discourse on judgmentalism) a New Testament saying in Matthew 7:1-5 as part of the Sermon on the Mount.
No I just publish the pictures.   
 Seems that we will go to hell is not sure either.
 Okay, one comment. I love this last one and I love the video that is on DJ Rik's profile.
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I include one of the comments that in my opinion says it al:
If everyone reacted to gay marriage the way this kid did... what a beautiful world!
It's as simple as "that means you love each other!"

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