Sunday, January 22, 2012

A builder exploring Second Life

Today Tim took me to the Zoo at 
Le Dome. Benoit Lednev, owner, created a park for lovers. Where you will discover several famous monuments of the United States: Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty, a place full mystery Salem Village and a zoo with all the animals from 5 continents. The zoo is a nice design with a lot of animals made by Jon Haskell. The person that is, in my view, the most realistic sculpty animal creator in Second Life.

I not made pictures at the zoo.
You have to explore that yourself.
 I love this statue.
 With the cableway it is a short trip to Mount Rushmore.
There is an abandoned cemetery at the edge of Le Dome shrouded in ground mists, shadows, monuments and crypts.
 Yes, it is a place for lovers.
 When Rod came home, he had to try the free shirt we got.

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A great beautiful story very well done. Thanks I truly enjoyed it.