Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lisa Brune

Yesterday Rod was online for several hours. He promised that he would be more often with Tim and me and not just for the parties. And what did I do? I took them to a party. Okay it was to let them listen to a new DJ that I found for a future party at T.R.A.C.S. But still not the best thing one could do when your lover is not that often on Second Life.
I'm sorry Rod.
When he had to go, Tim and I stayed a little longer. Than Bono, one of the owners of the The Guitar Museum, send me an IM and ask me if I would like to come for Jaguar's (she is host at The Guitar Museum) birthday party. After the cake and a performance of Spike Luckstone another artist was announced. We never did hear this singer sing and we decided to stay. Good we did.
Lisa Brune. What a sweet woman, what a great talent and what a great voice.
On her profile picks you find where she sings.
Also at: 
And about the Music Venues she writes:
Here are places that affect you by the kindness of those who welcome you. Special thanks to Bono & Angel from The Guitar Museum, Tia & Remy from Oceanus, Kiran & Andi from The Boom Pony Music Club, Freddy from Pleasure of Heaven, Liz from Key West, Shiran and her team from Two Moon.

I could not find a good video on YouTube where you can hear how great her voice and definitely not how charming she is.
So here is one from Concert Slive Radio at March 13, 2011 with another of my favourite France artists, Gins Allen. But you already know that.
    you can switch off the background music by clicking the II button on the flashplayer at the the bottom of this page

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