Monday, January 2, 2012

500th post

This post number 500. I didn’t expect to make it this far when I wrote the first blog post more than 3 years ago on Saturday, 4 October 2008.
A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
Although not a must, most good quality blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via GUI widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites. In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking. Indeed, bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs but also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers.
source: wikipedia
Looking back on what I post in three years than I am more a producer of posts than a blogger who express his opinions to the world. My articles never started discussion with people.
The 67 comments are most compliments. I am not a good writer and my English is not good enough to express my self very well. With jealousy I read blogs where people, that also not have English as there first language, give expression to there feelings.
So I am more a reader than a writer and I am not even sure I have time enough to be in Second Life if I also have to follow and comment a discussion on my Blog.
Blogging makes me smart. Through all the research I do and the things I write about I gather a lot of knowledge and I like to share it with my readers.
I not have many followers although the last few weeks it increased.
When you look what posts that had the most views that it was for sure not the good writing of that post.  
Here some more stats about the blog.

So I will go on with publishing posts with music and lyrics. Articles about people in second life and in the real world. Post with fun and post that are more serious. And pictures, much pictures.
In second life Rod, Tim and I are still together. First as master and his boys and now as lovers. 
Here the changes that we had in the last 3 years.
                                            This picture is from September 2009
This I made January 2011
Thank you all for reading


Apuh deVinna said...

congrats Chris ;-)

Christo Spyker said...

Thank you very much, Apuh

Li said...

I love you blog bro :) keep it goin!

Christo Spyker said...

Seems I missed your comment, sis.
Thanks. I will do my very best.