Monday, January 30, 2012

Magic Party in Sweetgrass

Yesterday in Sweetgrass
Do you believe in magic? We do! With a few tricks the Sweetgrass Pool & Disco is changed in a mysterious sorcerers lab and library! Feel free to use your wands and magic flutes to put love spells on other visitors next Sunday, January 29th from 21:00-23:00 CET / 12 Noon-2 PM SLT! DJ Bernard will cast spells on all of us to prevent us to stop dancing on his enchanting tunes! There will be a L$ 1.000 contest for the cutest magic outfit! 
Ganymede and the team

 "Professor Norbie of the Sweetgrass School of Witchcraft and Wizardry did welcome all the guests and wizards."
 "The wizards Aita and Gay greeted him and magician Richard looked up when a next load of guests arrived with the dragon bus."
 "Sir Rik and Master Cedric arrived."
 "My cloak of invisibility just worked for a short time. But I noticed some things"
 "Master Bernard, the DJ spinner, put a spell on subboy."
 "Sir Aita tried to make a nine of six"
 "Krishna was in some kind of trance ......
 ... when there was a big green explosion."
 "Suddenly subbboy's but was red and Dillon small penis became even smaller."
 "but when the green smoke was gone, every body went on dancing. Sir Cedric did some magic and also.....
 ...sir Gay waved with his wand. I am not sure what he tried to achieve."
 "Sir Gandalle just stayed cool."
 "oops... Almost forgot. Picture of the winners is made by Ganymede"

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