Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Wedding

Yesterday Angel, co-owner of the Guitar Museum, asked be if I could join her to a, what she called, a fun wedding. Dooow and Wolf was the couple that would get married.
Do I know them? No! But I did it for Angel.

Here some snapshots of the wedding and 
parts of the invitation.

♥♥♥ YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!  We are finally getting married!!
After teasing each other for so long we have decided to take the big step...
We will be honored if you come join us on our special day

*11:00 AM SLT* ~ Arrival and greeting of guests into the celebration area
11:30 AM SLT* ~ Guests to settle for the ceremony and wedding celebration
The officiant was Theresa Nayar, who would sing later.
The wedding ceremony will include a poem and music specially selected for the occasion.  We hope the guests participate during the celebration.
And the guests sure participate during the ceremony. I never saw so much chatting, joking and teasing during a wedding ceremony. There were a lot of Dutch people and I did not know one of them, except of course Angel.
*12PM SLT*~      Pronouncement of marriage and first dance of the married couple 
as the lovely SL singer Thera sings live for all.
The first dance of the married couple was a strip act on Tom Jones "You Can Leave Your Hat On" (a song written by Randy Newman. Tom Jones covered the song for the soundtrack of the 1997 British film The Full Monty.)
Angel and I danced when Thera did her performance and left after her last song.

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