Monday, August 30, 2010

Undies Party at Sweetgrass

Sunday we went to the Undies Party at Sweetgrass
To find the party we just had to follow the path.
When we arrived, there where not much people, yet. I started to make snapshots. Last week I went to use Viewer2 after all trouble around the Emerald viewer. Making snapshots in a high resolution without crashing went great and at the end of the party I had 76 snapshots. I made this selection.
Ash came with the idea to rename Sweetgrass to Sweet-ass.
Jenna crashed a few times, so we lost her stream a few times. Gladly the trouble, I had Saturday at our party, was over.
The picture of the winners is as always made by Ganymede
I like this set of pictures, with Tim and me, so much that I could not leave it unpublished.

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