Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exploring Second Life

This Sunday Tim and I explored Second life.
First we went to: Deutsche Burgruine - German Castle Ruin - Treffpunkt
Actually is a kind of Orientation Island (now called Welcome Island) with the tutorials stations to explain using SL new residents to learn the basics of navigation, chatting, camera control and teleporting. At I did agree with Tim; "Nice but not so impressive."
But later when I was making this post I would that it inspirited others.
As this "Deutsche_burgruine frozen", made by Andromega.
Also it been used as film location for "Sir Patrick Spens", an ancient Scottish Ballard.
In 1266, Margaret the Scottish King's daughter was betrothed to Eric son Of King Magnus of Norway. The Scottish nobles escorted the bride to Norway. On their return trip, a storm rose and the Scottish lords drowned.

Filmed at Eilean Donan Castle,Castle Blackmoor, Deutsche Burgruine, and Blackspot Shipyard in Second Life

We went on and landed on a station.

Ever wanted to experience the trains of yesteryear? Visit our beautiful working replicas of Steam, Diesel & Electric Trains and experience the most sophisticated railway system in SL, complete with signalling, multi-car trains, automatic or manual switches and much, much more!
A great place for the guys and boys to have some fun!

TimothyWilliam Waco: Train is late,
TimothyWilliam Waco: as usual lol
TimothyWilliam Waco: there it is
Christo Spyker: it's a Dutch train...
TimothyWilliam Waco: Yes?
Christo Spyker: ...they always late
I could not resist and went to the cockpit of the train.
Tim was my only passenger.
Was sad to see the station at the end of the tour.

Next we visited a beautiful place called Pillars Of Hercules.

With its stunning neo-classical style architecture, this romantic spot is the perfect place to bring your sweetheart. Admire the views, watch the dolphins, enjoy music shows and fireworks, and take a gondola tour as we did. The gondola at this tour describes what you passing and gives more info about the island.

After the tour we enjoyed the great view and went on with our travel.

Teleporting to Svarga lands you on a welcoming pavilion, a gazebo-like structure, on a small island outside the gate of the main entrance.
At the pavilion, we were confronted by a giant wasp with a wicked stinger. The creature turned out to be a harmless tour guide; so, we jumped on its back and took the tour. It was great fun swooping high and low over the island. And the tour narrative offered interesting information about Svarga and its history.
Svarga wasp whispers: Welcome to a guided tour of Svarga
In European mythology Svarga or "Heaven" is the residence of the god Svarog. The island was formed by the collapsed caldera of a very old volcano. Svarga itself is very old SL-wise. It was built in 2006 and nothing has been added since. At that time sculpted and flexible prims were not available in SL, so all content is original, built with basic SL primitives

At the end of the tour, the wasp returns you to the gazebo.

Svarga wasp whispers: now taking you back to where we started. Have a nice day in Svarga

We did explore the island and exhausted we want home.

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