Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Medieval Party at Sweetgrass

The roast was almost ready when I arrived.
Sir Gany, Bailiff of Sweetgrass, called his servants to get the meals ready for the guest.
King Gay welcomed his guest.
Unsure what knight Aita did wrong and why he was placed on the pillory.
More and more peasants came and even a blue dragon.
Knights from large to small did want to fight with the dragon.
They sneaked near the dragon when Sir Frankie tried to get the dragons attention in his blue habit.
At while Sir Xon, Minstrel of the castle, played his music....
and Lady Son was dancing cheek to cheek with her Lord.....
the fight went on till Sir Rod, Knight of Sideways, defeated the dragon and gain the victory.
King Gay was so happy that sir Rod had defeated the dragon that he made him Landgrave of the Pool.
I was a very nice party and Norbie did a great job with the decoration. I made a lot of pictures and not even crashed one time. Gany made this picture of the winners

Today Jenna did send me this awesome picture of Rod she made and that I have to show you.

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