Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art at Second Life: The Exhibition of Echo Douglas's pictures.

Last week we got this invitation.
Today we went to dad's exhibition. Rod already saw it because he was at the opening, for Tim and I it was al new.
We landed first at the main building.
"Welcome to La Quintessenza Art Gallery, please feel free
to visit the exhibits at your leisure."
Rod found the place where dad's pictures are showed. A castle in one of the corners of the sim.
Most picture I know from dad's gallery or those we discussed when he made them, ..........
.....  but there where a few that where new for me to.
It is nice to walk around at a art gallery but when you have no time, you can always have a look at dad's photo site for more profile pictures, costume pictures, seals and crest for Gorean sims.

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