Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cale Alcott - House of Alcott - Photo Contest

I met Cale the first time at dad's photo studio. He was quiet but seems to be a nice man.
That day I learn that Cale makes silks. He even give me one, he just made.
I saw him a few times again when I visited dad and the last few weeks he comes at our parties. Today he asked me something about a sculpty and he told me about his contest.


1. Photocontest 2010 - 26th July to 21th August 2010

House of Alcott is proud to present the first Photo contest 2010!

This Contest is a no pay to vote contest to give actually everyone a real chance to win. There will be three Judges, two of them secret, I, Cale Alcott, will be the third one and officially speaking for the Judge panel.

Join today and win some neat Prizes! (Worth of Prizes all together 19k LD)



  1. One entry per Contestant only! (By entering the Contest you agree that i might use your Picture in an Advertising Campaign)
  2. Character on Picture MUST wear Silks from House of Alcott (Damien's Desire Silks excluded, no exception)
  3. Picture Size MUST be 1024 by 1024 and FULL PERMS
  4. Photoshopping the Picture is encouraged (Try to go for high Quality Pictures, ask your friends for help, that's okay), set the Silks you're wearing into a nice scene! Be creative!
  5. Name the Picture as followed: HOA-Contest2010-YOUR FULL SL NAME HERE
  6. Contest is open from 26th July to 21st August 2010 (Last Day), at 22nd Winner will be chosen and announced.
  7. Send your Entry Pictures as stated with FULL PERMS to CALE ALCOTT, I will confirm your entry when I have received the Picture.

1. Prize:
Castle Oriental Style
Luscious Silks Complete
One Odyssseus Silks (Color by Choice)
One Alexander Silks (Color by Choice)
One Wild Silks (Color by Choice)

2. Prize:
Noble Villa Greek/Roman Style
Tempest Silks Complete
One Odyssseus Silks (Color by Choice)
One Wild Silks (Color by Choice)

3. Prize:
Oriental Dreams Mys-Toria *A*
One Wild Silks (Color by Choice)
Im looking forward to your Entries!
Good Luck!
Cale Alcott

Owner and Chief designer of  House of Alcott
Prim Silks and Buildings for a decent Second Life!

I took some snap shots of his silks shop, contest boards and saw that Cale is a builder to.

When I arrived at the rez platform I saw this great Temple he made.

Later Cale showed me around at his place and wow he is a great decorator and landscaper to.

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