Monday, August 16, 2010

Party and Fashion show.

There were two events Sunday where I went. First I arrived at Sweetgrass for the Sexy Formal Party.
Busy as always and the screen filling gestures where back to.
Bernard had a nice set of music. I came in my Chippendale outfit from Swaffetty and I am not the only one that shops at SFD.
Norbie tried to sing a song. I am not sure if anybody hear him sing.
Than Cale asked me to come to a fashion show where also some of his silks would been showed.
So I shouted bye and went to that show.
When I arrived they had just solved some lag troubles and the show went on with some dresses.

After that, muscle guys showed some of Cale's silks. It would take me years of daily gym to look as that.
When the last silk was showed I went back to Sweetgrass.
Just in time for the voting
Last picture of the winners is made by Ganymede.

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