Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shadows in Second Life Beta Viewer

Maybe others know, but for me it is totally new. So for those that also not know I share this. Today I was searching on the internet, to find a answer why I have trouble with Tim's stream and found something totally different.

Banana Vella: Turn on the sun!

Banana Vella made a good tutorial. So also easy for blonds
Be careful before you use. It is as Banana say on her Blog:
"Shadows causes as much lag as a 2006 Second Life Jazz Club"

I had to try it and ............ wow. The Sun, on this snapshot, is set to early morning
When Tim came I made one with a longer shadow and the sun set to late afternoon.
I not have prim eyes (yet) so a near face snapshot looks strange without eyes, but it is nice to see how my hair drops shadows on my face.
Not forget: make sure your graphic settings are on high (or ultra)!

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