Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fairytale Party at T.R.A.C.S. part 2

Once upon a time there where two little angels (Curtis and Jace). One day they went to the Saturday party at T.R.A.C.S.
There where already some fairies witches, wizards, dwarves, giants, kings and princesses when they arrived.
Suddenly a big flame came from the sky (Cale) and............ the same moment a dragon (Tim) pushed himself trough the gates of the club. The foreigner DJ (Luke) could just jump aside. The dragon stood still, the big flame seems to scare him because he did not walked any further into the club.
Meanwhile some other guest arrived. Captain Hook (Rod) seems to have a eye on Norbie.
Hook did try to catch Norbie but Norbie was faster.
He did run around Hook. That made Hook dizzy and he give up after a few minutes.
Hook was thinking he could catch Kiba  but Kiba was even faster and.............
...........left Hook in misery.
More guests did arrived. Even some that looked that they been teleport from a dungeon.
So after sometime the dance floor was crowded.
Captain Hook did not try to lay his finger on DJ Rose (Jenna)
But Pinocchio (Rod) did try. What a stupid woodhead.
So after DJ Rose give him a slap on the ear....
... he came nagging to Pan (Christo) but he told Pinocchio it was his own stupidity...
..... and went on dancing with his brother Kiba.
Then a man in Mexican clothes (Blu) arrived. It seems that he was lost and could not find the club last week when there was a Mexican party.
Because there was no bull he wanted to fight with the dragon.
He took of his jacket and walked to the dragon to give it a punch on the nose,
But the dragon was quicker and in a blink he took the man's trousers off.
Kip did try to help with his bow and arrow but......
..... than the blue witch of the West (Ash) stepped forwards and waved her magic want and spoke some words.....
... with a lot of smoke the dragon disappeared and when the smoke was gone there was Tim. And the party went on they lived happily ever after.

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