Friday, September 24, 2010

Yang Boyd & [b.o.i.] '500 '3

Today Yang sends me this card.
[click pic for a larger view]
Yang is an old friend. We became friends on Saturday November 8th 2008. Think it was when I bought something in his shop and he wanted to know how it fit and appear on me, because I been larger than the people (boys) that usually buy his clothing. Yang and I never became very close friends but he is a friendly and helpful person and I could even speak Dutch with him. It is sad that he stops making clothes but as he said himself on the card, it's also the right moment. He is the best with the textures but more and more we see prim clothes and I have to admit I also not shop as much at Yang's shop as I did in the past. His clothes already be cheap but with the 50% reduce, its even more worth to visit his shop. His shop at our Island is still open but here is the slurl of his main shop in world:

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