Saturday, September 11, 2010

Medieval at Open Minds

For a long time we have been guests in the high sky at Woodland Winds at Bernard's Club. Last week we got this invitation.

Hi All... today the Lord of Woodland invites us to come party in his medieval village. A special invitation to princes, peasants and knights in their shiny amours, and of course princesses and Dame's...There is 1000 on the board for best medieval outfit.
Bring your friends and come party with us.
New landmark:
Bernard has rebuilds his island from a tropical island into a medieval village.
We arrived at the mighty gate near the harbor.
On the marketplace you will find the tavern a black smith and the dance area.
King Bernard welcomed us. Norbie was just asking for a big beer.
Sir Ash
Ellbee and Guy
Aita and Gay
Dillon and Rod came a little later.

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