Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you remember Sven Kramer and are Dutch feisty?

Sven Kramer
Today I ask Rod if he did remember Sven Kramer. He did not. So I better tell the Non-Dutch readers who he is. Sven Kramer (born April 23, 1986 in Heerenveen) is a Dutch long track speed skater. He is the Olympic champion of the 5000 meter in Vancouver 2010.

Now maybe some of you remember him. But maybe you remember him because that he shortly after his 5000m victory, an NBC affiliated reporter asked Sven to say his name, country and what he'd just won, to which Kramer replied "Are you stupid? Hell no, I'm not gonna do that." The clip of this incident became a YouTube hit after news stories concerning the interview were published and the clip was shown on E!'s show The Soup with host Joel McHale poking fun at Kramer's apparent self righteous attitude. The question was supposedly "for tape identification" and not meant to be broadcast.

But maybe most Non-Dutch know him from the 10000 meter finals, Kramer finished first, with a time of 12:54.50, only to be disqualified for failing to change lanes during one of the later laps. The lane change mistake was caused by incorrect directions shouted to Kramer by his coach, Gerard Kemkers, near the end of the race. It's unsure if he did apologize to an Olympic volunteer he pushed aside in anger after the race.

It could be that some know Sven Kramer because, since March 2008 he has been in a relationship with Dutch field hockey-player and 2008 Olympic gold medallist Naomi van As (born July 26, 1983 in The Hague)

This week I saw this commercial with Sven and Naomi. It's about interactive TV with one of the opportunity is to replay without a recorder. KPN is sponsor of Sven Kramer. One would think it would be about that big mistake in Vancouver. But have a look yourself.

Sorry it is all in Dutch.
Naomi is saying: "daar komt ie, daar komt ie... en pats. Is echt, zo genant."
Translation "there it comes, there it comes.... and slap. It's really so embarrassing"
And with her girl friends: ",,, embarrassing" and than to Sven "It's really the last time."
The pizza dude at the end says: "wat een afgang, zeg" Translation "what a disgrace"

Last Sunday I was in chat with my sl sister Jenna
She told me that Kip, her rl and sl bf, wants to make her "stamppot boerenkool", a Dutch dish, and she nags on and on, that she hates kale. So I said: "You love him, he loves you, so eat it, basta!"
Than Jenna respond:
JennaRose Carfield: I think Christo is feisty today
Christo Spyker: feisty?
JennaRose Carfield: yes
Christo Spyker: holiday?
JennaRose Carfield: feist•y   [fahy-stee]
1. full of animation, energy, or courage; spirited; spunky; plucky: The champion is faced with a feisty challenger.
Christo Spyker: ooh, why you think I am?
JennaRose Carfield: That's something I have noticed about you.
JennaRose Carfield: You are very feisty person.
JennaRose Carfield: Most the Dutch I have met are.
Christo Spyker: that's new to me, most Americans say that I am to direct
JennaRose Carfield: naw
JennaRose Carfield: you're feisty.

And because I know how to behave, as a good older brother and knowing my sister, I did not go on with the discussion. So Sven Kramer was not aggressive when he pushed aside that Olympic volunteer after the race and also he was not rude against that NBC reporter. No he was feisty. To all the sim owners in the past that banned me from there sim because I spoke out my mind in open chat, I was just feisty.

Oh, and I found a picture of a feisty Julia.

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