Thursday, May 3, 2012


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date and time:
Saturday May 5th, Noon SLT (9pm CET)
DJ Bernard

Party start    :  12:00 SLT 21:00 CET
Trivia start   :   01:00 pm SLT 22:00 CET
Voting start  :   01:30 pm SLT 22:30 CET
Voting ends  :   01:45 pm SLT 22:45 CET
Prizegiving   :    01:45 pm
the PRIZE for the winner:
HONOR to be Mr. T.R.A.C.S 2012
L$ 5000 cash
and gifts from our sponsors....
.......of more than L$10.000
TTdesigns for the best gay sex in SL
SF DESIGN avatar fashion
VITAMEN men's underwear
Jungle Wear
Place 2: L$2000
Place 3: L$1000

Mister T.R.A.C.S FORMAL, April 14 2012,
Visitors: 21 Votes: 18
Norbie Rossini 5
Dillon Lecker 5
Bernard Rhiano 3
Aitalas Villota 2
Gay Galli 1
Ellbee Allen 0
Fiorino Pera 0
Not in contest:
JennaRose Carfield 2

Mister T.R.A.C.S WET&FOAM / JOIN AGAIN, April 21 2012
Visitors: 39 Votes: 13 (see blog)
Rik Nayar 7
Ellbee Allen 2
Gay Galli 2
Aitalas Villota 1
Bernard Rhiano 1
Fiorino Pera 0
Not in contest:
Ryannw Resident 0

Mister T.R.A.C.S FUN, April 28 2012
Visitors: 29 Votes: 19
Rik Nayar 11
Ellbee Allen 2
Gay Galli 1
Aitalas Villota 1
Norbie Rossini 1
Not in contest:
Chad Paolino 1
cello Creighton 1
MaryMoon Button 1
Ganymede Gynoid 0

So total points after three weeks and three parties:
Rik Nayar 18
Norbie Rossini 6
Dillon Lecker 5
Bernard Rhiano 4
Gay Galli 4
Aitalas Villota 4
Ellbee Allen 4
Fiorino Pera 0

We saw that during the voting people were TPed in. No worries, we did allow that.
During the Wet & Foam party I made a big mistake and votes were lost.
Tim, Rod and I had a long discussion and took the decision to skip the jury part,
to prevent we could be accused of manipulation the points.
All the competitors have to do it all by themselves, to become Mr. T.R.A.C.S 2012.
There for every right answer of the T.R.A.C.S TRIVIA gives two points and
competitors are still allowed to TP in friends and voters.

T.R.A.C.S owners and managers
Tim Waco (TimothyWilliam Waco)
Rod Sideways
Christo Spyker

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