Sunday, May 6, 2012


Saturday May 5th we had the final of the
mister T.R.A.C.S contest.
The theme this time was:
DJ Bernard had his début, as deejay, at T.R.A.C.S.
All seemed to go well even though the board with the competitors and making pictures kept me busy. The special T.R.A.C.S trivia give a lot of right answers and points. Fiorino Pera, who did not gained any points during the other parties, climbed up on the list.
During the voting I notice that the Sploder had a script error. I had already problems to purchase money that day and there were also payment issues on the grid. So I was not totally surprised, but it was the wrong moment. So when Tim was dancing in front of my view while I was making a picture of the winners, I yelled at him. Again I am so sorry, love.
After the party I remember that I bought a Confetti Machine and placed but totally forgot after the winners were announced.
So finally the contest is over and I hope that at the next parties, I have less stress and more time to join open chat. 
▼Pictures made at the party.
▲ Tim
▲ DJ Bernard
▲ Gay
▲ Fio
▲ Rik
▲ Jenna, Racker and Fio
▲ Aita and Ellbee
▲ Overview
▲ The winners Fio, Rik and Bernard
Thanks all visitors, friends and lovers for making this contest such a great event.
A special thank you for the sponsors that made it possible:
Toothfairy Tizzy of TTdesigns for the best gay sex in SL
Swaffette Firefly of SF DESIGN avatar fashion
Vitamen Hax of VITAMEN men's underwear
Lion Valentino of Jungle Wear
Also I want to thank
Amael Juran of Zensual Sculpture
for making the statue that watched over the parties.
I think we keep him as our mascot.

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