Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye to Open Minds

Bernard Rhiano deejay and owner of Open Minds Dance Club send this notice.

Con Te Partirò
As we all know, all things end, and for Open Minds that time has come also.
In past 3 years, we seen lot of friends come and go,
and I enjoyed to have the weekly parties in the Club.
Thanks for all fun, inspiration and friendships...!

(the group will go on silent and dissolved in next weeks)

In the three years of Open Minds I have the best memories about the 80s and 90s parties.

▼It was December 2009 that I came to Open Minds for the first time and made this picture.

Not long after the grand opening they moved to another sim. ►
In 2010 Bernard build a new club at the beach.

Here a picture of the Queens Day party in 2010▲
During time there were more changes of the club and of locations on the sim, such as a medieval village.

Next some pictures of Bernard ▼

When speaking about Open Minds there is somebody that has to be mention to.
Dillon Lecker. Famous because of his laziness, his nagging and his never stopping chat.
Oh and his claim that he is not gay and never takes his pants off in public.
We all ready know that is not true.

▼ 2010
 ▼ 2011
 ▼ 2012
▼ This last picture is made by Bernard. Okay, Dillon kept his pants on.

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