Sunday, May 20, 2012

House of Tudor Party. part 4

Saturday we had at T.R.A.C.S
the House of Tudor party.
Nobody got headless. 
The fresh crowned 
Mr. T.R.A.C.S and deejay, 
Rik did spin the tunes.
Rik said he had a surprise 
and yes a surprise it was when 
Eddi Haskell arrived.

Eddi made some snapshots and published them on his blog and he wrote that we are a mellow club☺. Thank you Eddi.

Here are my pictures:

▲ Rik
▲ overview
▲ Racker
▲ Curtis & Jace. Jace was also the winner.
▲ Rod was back.
▲ Casper
▼ Alvei
▼ Aita
▼ Ayuumi
▼ Racker and Aita
▼ Prezemko
▼ Norbie and me in the back
▼ Eddi Haskell
▼ overview
It was a nice party. Thanks to Rik and all the guests.

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