Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parties at T.R.A.C.S and in Sweetgrass

Because of some occurrences in my real life I was not much on Second Life last weekend. All is fine but it will be more often, the coming time that I am not on SL.

It was a great event with a lot of guests.
Infa, the deejay, did a great job and he told me he enjoyed it.
Esme, his host, spanked the whole club and she had the reddest but of all the guests.☺
I said it before; it's great to see how creative our guests are to fit in theme.
Tim and Rod were a great help, to give me a relaxed time.

Here the picture I made.

▲ DJ Infa
▲ Esme and me at the right
▲ Tim
▲ Gay and Jenna
▲ Curtis & Jace
▲ Rod and Norbie
▲ Caasper, the winner.
▲ Ellbee

Group Notice From: Sweetgrass Sim Group, Ganymede Gynoid
Yesterday our disco was full of musicians in all kinds of costumes, even barrels!
DJ Beef supplied us with an excellent musical history of the Eurovision Song Contest,
while others gave a live performance of the stage.
The contest is won by Luca Jhamin and Rod Sideways, congrats boys!
More pictures at:

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