Thursday, May 10, 2012

SecondGAY Magazine, Spring 2012

The new "SecondGAY Magazine" (url), just follow the link to read it.

Once in a Second Lifetime, you have so much creative energy that you alone cannot begin to express it by yourself. So you gather up several of your like-minded brethren and put your forces together and come up with something great for everyone to admire. That creation is SecondGAY Magazine.

Brilliant work by the editors on staff: Avacar Bluestar, Eddi Haskell-Constantine and Spike Clemenceau.
  • A interview with Bock McMillan, on of Second Life's most prominent bloggers by Eddi Haskell-Constantine, that other prominent Second Life blogger.
  • Spring Fashion 2012 by, a longtime friend, designer Phinneas Vella of PEER.

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