Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Party @ T.R.A.C.S

It is not always easy to find a theme, for the party, without repeating our self.
So often I look what special on that date. This time it was the birthday of Bill Haley.
We have two Deejays that love to play rock music. This time I asked Beef to do the job, with the idea that he would play the rock music that he likes most. At that time the theme was rock. But Beef insisted to do a Rock 'n' Roll Party. He made a great set off Rock 'n' Roll Music and I enjoined every moment of it. Next month our other Rock deejay will play his records when the theme is about another rock 'n' roll artist.
The spot were we had the party was near the gas station. I came with the idea to have a garage sale during the party. I sold most of the items. Yes, you can say that it was a great party and a great sale. Here are the pictures I made during the party.
DJ Beef
Norbie, swinging with the girls
at the end Racker jumped on the loudspeaker and started to play guitar

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