Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday Rod and I went to the
GRAND OPENING of Atlantis Valley
I did go a little earlier than Rod and arrived at the sim on the Landing Point. I used the teleport pad there to visit many different areas of the sim. 
The region has many diverse locations for to explore.
                                            click the map to get the Landmark 
Atlantis Valley
Park Gazebo - Terrific Park
Shopping Area - The Lane ( stores and adboards available now)
Nemo Station (Sub Marine ride) take over 13 minutes!!!
Camp Overlook - A nice couples viewing area.
Stables - horseback riding area.
Ballroom - Heaven On Earth (available for weddings and fashion shows)

The places Nude Man (only access for males), Nude Couples and RE-Mighty are under construction. After my exploring I went to the ballroom. I did made some pictures there but it seems I lost them. We danced on the set of DJ Yume Yohikawa that would be followed by a LIVE performance by singer Katia Keres, but he had to leave and went to the Party at Sweetgrass.

So what I can say about the sim and the builds? First of all, the buildings are large. Especially at the shopping area I felt a dwarf. But nothing wrong with that, you will not hit your head when you enter and one have a good camera view when inside. I'm looking forward to the parts that are still under construction. Also I will try the over 13 minutes Sub Marine ride the next time.

Today Infa send a thank you notice:
Thanks to all parties for the wonderful grand opening.
We want to thanks you all so much for being with us last night
Next event is the opening of the underwater dance floor
set to 10am -12pm slt on Tuesday 2 october 2012
with dj Deangelo Deneero
Regards and love♥
Dreams Unlimited Team

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