Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cartoon Party @ T.R.A.C.S

Yesterday at River Island we had, as Tim said, one of T.R.A.C.S most popular party themes.
Friday I had suggested to Tim and Rod that I could make the dance floor larger and yesterday it showed that it is needed. There was hardly enough space to dance. Lots of Dean's friends came because it was Dean's last gig.
On FaceBook he wrote:

To my Dearest and closes friends,
Something are the hardest things to say, And goodbye is one of them but It is sad to let me inform you as of the 7th of October, I will be leaving Secondlife for good I a hoping to contact LL my self and ask them to completely remove my avi from the database, I have my reasons and as many of you know I have been unhappy for a while, SO I think this is the best time to leave.. Please DO NOT ASK MY WHY, WHATS HAPPEND, cos I will not say.
I have meet some great people in Secondlife and made some wonderful friends. Some of you I meet out listening to live music, some I have meet trolling sims.
There are few I want to thank, first of all Ullie and Merc, you have always been there for me no matter what has happened, you 2 are the nicest people I have meet, Tim, Chris and Rod, you guys are real nice dudes to be with, and I want to thank you for letting me Dj in your club, I have had the best time's Djing there, Always a great party. Garrra, logans, Ember, you are the fucked up people I have meet In a good way XD, I have had some fun times trolling with you peeps, Keep it up XD.

So as of Saturday the 6th of October will be my last Dj' GIG in SL @ T.R.A.C.S @ 12 noon, I hope you all can come to it and not be sad that I am leaving but be happy at all the great times I have shared with you.

Love you all!!! and take care!!

When it is so crowded it's tough to make individual snapshots of people. So here a lot of overview pictures of yesterdays party. And a short sense to Dean: 
We already miss you, Dean! 
▲▼ the gang
▼ the after party

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