Monday, October 8, 2012

Fairytale Party in Sweetgrass

On the invitation was written:
This week in Sweetgrass we travel to the Black Forest where the stories of the Brother Grim were made. Do you dare travel to the place that is said to be cursed as witches and ginger bread houses, Ogres, Trees that walk and attack and the even the scary ogre. Will you find your Happily Ever After?  You will have to come to see.
We travel to the Black woods with DJ Tim.

Here some pictures I made.
 ▲ Gany
 ▲ Ellbee
 ▲ Aita, as his mother in law.
 ▲ Gay
 ▲ Norbie
 ▲ Rod
▼ Picture of the winners as always made by Gany
During the party Gany held a speech.

Ganymede (ganymede.gynoid):
I am asking attention for something very special tonight.
Because these days, my dear friends, I love to go back to a year ago.
To be exact: to the 25th of September 2011. We had a Netwear Party then.
And this was the first party that was different from the others before.
Because since that date there appeared people who started to manage the Sweetgrass Parties
Till that date Norbie organized 206 parties in Sweetgrass he started September 9 2007 with a Catwalk Party and continued to organize the parties for 4 years!
A year ago many people decided to assist Norbie by organizing parties.
And they did it very, very well! I mean Aitalas, assisted by Gay, and Ellbee!
In the beginning also some parties were done by JennaRose, Christo and – last but not least – Jamy! You cannot imagine all the work they did!
Ellbee and Aitalas, assisted by Gay, have organized a party every two weeks!
Without vacation, without intermission of whatever they took care of us every two weeks!
And believe me: it is a lot of work to do!
Finding and placing decorations and pictures in the disco, designing and sending invitations, welcome the guests, running the sploder, the floor and the contest board, without giving up, despite that themes are sometimes.
Thank you, Aita, Ellbee and Gay! Thank you!
As a tribute to you I place a special picture here in the disco!
Because you loved so much to do this work and you did it so beautiful and full enthusiasm you put your hearts in it! I am thankful to you, boys, as well as we all are!
Many, many kisses and hugs for you.
And maybe we all should start kissing and hugging you!
Without you Sweetgrass would not have survived and Sweetgrass goes on and on, thanks to you, boys! It is only our 259th party and I am sure many will follow!
Thank you.
 Aitalas Villota-Galli: Thanks to Gany for being the best General manager

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