Monday, October 15, 2012

80's PARTY @ T.R.A.C.S

Whether our guests would be a preppie, a yuppie, a punk or a new waver, Saturday we whisked back to the time of Big Hair, Double Denim, Rubik Cube & Ankle warmers.
We filled T.R.A.C.S with posters of TV series and pop stars of the eighties.
The Trivia was a great fun and Gay was the winner of both questions sets.
We had a lot of our regular guests, so making the dance floor larger last week, was a good idea. DJ Bernard played a great set of 80's songs and went on spinning the tunes till 3:30 pm
Mikey, Kent and Gay were the winners of the best in theme contest.
In spite of the Tim's absence and that Rod had RL issues during the party, which took longer than he thought; I could make a lot of pictures and even interfere in the chats. Okay, maybe I did miss to say "goodbye" to a few guests when they announced that they had to leave.
Here a lot of pictures, because I could not make a choice.
▲ Rod
▲▼ Ellbee and DJ Bernard
▲ me, myself and I
▲ Luca at his first arrival
▲Jenna and Rod
 ▲ Jenna
▲ Truposz
▲ Truposz and ▼ Alvei
▲▼Gay and Aita
▲ Corvus
(Think my mistake, to send the invite for next week, made her wear a outfit that would fit better for next Saturday)
▲ Mikey and Havier
▲ Kent
▲ Norbie
▲ Coco
 ▲ Dillon and DJ Bernard
 ▲ Caasper and Duke
▲ Pietro
▲▼  Luca after his return
▲ Kito
▲▼ For our "Gang" I got a special Rubik's cube with poses for 7 people. 
Sadly they went all in and not on the cube. Next time I better check before I place. 
Anyway, still became a nice group picture.  

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