Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday evening in Second Life

Friday I went to Hyacinth Plaza for a concert of Lisa Brune.
I used the LM that was send and landed at the shopping place but gladly Jack, Lisa's partner and manager, send me a tp up to the stage. He also gave me the updated song list when I asked for a request. Because I am still crazy of that song I asked for "Somebody That I Used To Know". Jack told me that Lisa did the cover with Max Kleene. On Lisa's website you can hear the song.
Somebody That I Used To Know - Lisa Brune & Max Kleene

After the concert I went to Zeus and Rod joined me shortly after I arrived. DJ Spike was the deejay.
I was hoping to see Esme (Esme Capelo (ZeusClub Manager), but it seemed that she had connection problems.

Than we, visited SATYRICON, the club of my friends Seven and Apuh. If you never been at this Virtual Gay Environment at Second Life. Two ancient Roman sims at "Love Temptations" and "Omuli Springs", than have a look at the video Apuh made.

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