Monday, October 15, 2012

A builder exploring Second Life

Some times I nose in profiles and Sunday I nosed in the profile of our regular deejay, Beef.
And I read:
== High Quality Picture Poses and Photo Studio ==
High Quality Static poses for every occasion.
Crafted with care to give you the best pose possible.
Xpozed can be found on Facebook!
Follow us for the latest news!
Login to Facebook to view our page via the link bellow!

I was curious and went to the shop
I landed in a big shop and saw pose balls and pictures of the poses with Beef and Lexia.
I love the pregnant woman pose and picture.
▼Here I jumped on the "welcome" pose ball. 
In IM I told Beef that I love the shop and the poses. He told me that Lexia is the pose maker and that he is more the builder and he invited me to his parcel. There he first showed me the island where he just, for a few days, started to work on. 
Than he showed me the house that he had build. I was impressed by his skills and especially loved the fire place. After he gave me a tour through the house, we sat in the garden and had a nice chat about builders and landladies. 
Beef told me that Lexia was working on a new pose and that he still is building and decorating the parcel. He will invite me again when he is finished and I sure will return, in the near future, to the shop to have a look at new poses.

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