Sunday, September 30, 2012

Live concert with DEE TIMELESS and Rock Party with DJ RACKER

Yesterday at T.R.A.C.S
Dee Timeless did start the event at Noon
After Dee's performance, DJ Racker played his Rock set.

Great party it was. Dee sung some great songs and accompanies herself on the guitar. And she is amazing on the guitar and she can be so funny to. WOW.
After Dee's performance came DJ Racker with his tunes of rock songs. We kept the amount of people the whole event and Racker is for sure the reason. With cross-fading between songs he showed that he is a great DJ. It was late when he played the last track.

Here some pictures I made during the event. 
Dee's manager Ryleigh Sorbet.
▲ not know why but the entire amount of guest stayed in the back. Dee did not bite me.
 ▲ DJ Racker
 ▲▼ and last but not least, The Gang

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