Monday, September 24, 2012

The Muppet Show Party @ T.R.A.C.S

I will not blame Tim that he came with the idea to do a Muppet Show Party. Because it is my job to check if there is enough items to find in World and on Marketplace. But thinking that we would be filled by Kermits was an underestimation of the creativity of our guest. DJ Beef and his host Lexzia made some cutout masks and Racker and Truposz even changed there gender. Beef, more a rock fan than the disco he played, had made a nice set. Gay is sure a Muppet Show fan because he had the most right answer with the Trivia.

 ▲ Lexzia
 ▲ DJ Beef
 ▲ DJ Beef and in the back Aita and Gay
 ▲ Tim as himself. Oops.... I meant as Cookie monster
 ▲ Christo
 ▲ Racker
 ▲ Ellbee, Aita and Gay. (not sure who is Gay and who was Aita) Dj Beef in the back.
 ▲ Caasper
 ▲ Ellbee and Guy
 ▲ Truposz (after his gender change) and Alvei
 ▲ Rod
 ▲ Truposz, Alvei, Caasper and Martin
 ▲ Przemko
 ▲ Christo and Coco
 ▲ Aita (I think)
 ▲ The Gang
▲ After party with Rod (on the back), Dillon and TheodorX.

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