Monday, September 10, 2012


Geeeet reeeaadyyy to ruuuummmble !!
DJ Rik played lots of great tunes and we had lots of guests. No not only the cutouts.☺
Lots of usernames and display names, and a manager, me, that has trouble to remind names.

But I have a list of contesters and how much votes they got.

Caasper Resident 8
Tivurr Resident 5
Adune Snowpaw 2
Curtis Savira 2
Jace Garside 1
Frai Langer 1
SwetlankaJoyful Resident 1
Ellbee Allen 0

So here a set of pictures I made at the party. 

▲ Ramses and DJ Rik aka the fresh married couple
▲ Rod
▲ Ellbee.
He had no votes this time but Ellbee spend always enormous work on his outfits.
▲ Curtis in a fight with Rod.
▲ Tivurr
▲ Przemko
▲ Adune
▲ Curtis and Jace 
▲ Tivurr and Caasper 
▲ Adune defeated Rod

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