Monday, September 17, 2012


 "Where no one
                   has gone before"

"Captain's Log, Stardate -310293.7. After the time warp we arrived in a spectacular binary star system in an unknown Alpha quadrant. There we meet with the Star ship T.R.A.C.S and we did been invited to join there party.
Tim, head engineering, was the Deejay and there were a lot of guest and even some "long time not see" ones."
 ▲ Fiorino, back from Africa.
 ▲ Norbie
 ▲ Ellbee
 ▲ Caasper
"Captain's Log, supplemental. It bin wonderful to see and speak with Fauxy again. Yes, Fauxy Shepherd, deejay and the owner of Hot 'N Hung. Hot 'N Hung is closed but so much people still have good memories of it. So do I. Fauxy came in blue, but this time in a Star Trek uniform and not in his fur as we know him.  
 ▲ Killo
 ▲▼Rod as Captain Picard and Tivurr as cosmos monster
▲▼Steeve gave a cow to the all of the guest.
▲▼The Gang 
▲Aita and Gay
▲Tivurr and Caasper at the after party
Captain's Log, supplemental. But all things end. So I ask Scotty to beam me up so that we could go on with our mission.
Captain Christo T. Spyker, of the United Federation of Planets, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, recording.

THE END (With apologies to Trek fans everywhere).

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