Friday, June 29, 2012


"It's just a jump to the left,
And then a step to the right.
Put your hands on your hips,
You bring your knees in tight!"
It's that time! Pull out your lingerie, bustiers, corsets,
high heels, labcoats, and gold short shorts
We're having a Rocky Horror Picture Show party.

Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show go not just to film. They dress up as characters from the film and play are often scenes with the actors. Spraying water from water pistols other visitors about the audience during the rain scene from the beginning of the movie. The visitors participation dates from the US and has spread around the world. Visitors that do these performances are ' patrons '. A part of them is dressed and often occurs for the cinema screen where one sings along with the meedanst and actors. The other patrons often call phrases of the actors.
 The patrons are expected to take one or more props:
  •  Rice (should be thrown during the scene with the marriage of Ralph and Betty)
  •  Water pistols (patrons on the rear rows ' shooting ' water over the rows of them, during the scene that Brad and Janet with a flat tire in the pouring rain)
  •  Newspapers (patrons on the other rows are just as Brad and Janet protect against ' the rain ')
  •  Flashlights (displays as in the song "seemed Over at the Frankenstein Place" text "there's a light". Earlier matches, lighters or candles were also used, but that should not more of the fire)
  •  Rubber gloves (as Frank-N-Further cut his creative speech with his gloved fingers he keeps three times, the audience cut along)
  •  Toilet paper (preferably of the brand "Scott". As Brad cries "Great scott!" fly the rolls by the cinema.
  •  Toast or crackers (crack as Frank-N-Further produces a toast at the dinner)
  •  Party hat (as Frank-N-Further a party hat design to congratulate, follow the patrons to Rocky Horror)
  •  Confetti (also during the birthday)
  •  A clock (the patrons leave the round the necks with the text "When we made it/did you hear a bell ring?"
  •  Cards (the patrons letting them see the text "Cards for sorrow/cards for pain" 

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