Sunday, June 3, 2012



Saturday we had our party and danced on the wild jungle tunes of DJ "Cheeta" Tim.
All wild animals and men in loincloth followed the call and jumped from liana to liana.

We had a big bunch of people. Nearly the entire crowd came early and most stayed till the end of the party.
▲ DJ Tim
▲ Rod and in the back Jenna and a not total rezzed Ellbee
▲ Rik, Mister T.R.A.C.S 2012 and one of our regular deejays
▲ overview
▲ Curtis
▲ Lebenselexier
▲ overview
▲ Infa, one of our regular deejays
▲ Norbie one of our VIP guests
▲ Przemko and number one winner of the contest
▲ Ellbee
▲ Being Radikal
▲ overview
▲ Racker one of our regular deejays and Fiorino
▲ overview
▲ And not forget: 15 square kilometer of rain forest disappears every minute.
This brilliant and quite humorous ad was made for the World Wildlife Fund by Uncle Grey advertising agency from Denmark. Published in 2007 and directed by Per Pedersen.

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