Monday, June 11, 2012

Caribbean Island Party @ T.R.A.C.S

Tim shot the Sheriff, but he did not shoot the DJ...
and glad he not did, because DJ Racker had made a wonderful set of Caribbean music.
I had a great time and enjoyed myself a lot. Also I got a bunch of IMs from guest that they had a good time. It is amazing to see that we have more guests after the Mister T.R.A.C.S contest and that most guests stay from the start till the end of the party.

Here some picture I made.
▲ Ellbee
▲ Tim
▲ Joeh
▲ Theo
▲ Being Radikal and Jas
▲ The steelband; Ellbee, Jenna and Racker 
▲ Gay and Aita
▲ Guy, Ellbee and me
▲ Prezemko
▲ winner Truposz in the blue bermuda
▲ another picture of Gay and Aita
▲ Caasper
▲ Rik, Mister T.R.A.C.S 2012
▲ the after party with Racker on guitar and Luca on bas

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